Why Is It That No Writer Can Pick Goals For You?

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  1. High integrity, courage, no spirituality, determination.
  2. Extremely creative, adventurous, very spiritual, introvert.
  3. Very athletic, strong believer in being close attention to his diet, not a corporate type, likes to work on a team for projects and other work.
  4. Writer and painter, competitive, married with three kids.

Goals and Core Values

Recent Article on Happiness

  1. “What do you value most in your life? What aspects of your life do you want as your priorities? What kind of life do you want to lead in the short term and in the future, say, in 10+ years? What do you want your life to be filled with (e.g., marriage, children, travel, health and exercise, culture)?”.
    My response: But what goals do we pick? Specific goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time focused? How do we translate these bromides into concrete goals? The expert can’t do it or he would.
    Can you or I translate the third question into concrete goals that we know will bring fulfillment and peace of mind? I can’t and I would be presumptuous to try. Why? We don’t know his core values! And even if we did know, we will never know him well enough to be able to pick goals that will with certainty give his fulfillment and peace of mind. Only he can do that.
  2. “Real happiness, Aristotle believed, comes from a continuous effort to become the best possible version of yourself.” You can increase your happiness over time. Once you realize that you can become happier, your attitude and response to everything around you that makes you miserable changes.
    My response: Can we translate “the best possible version of yourself” for any of the four above or even for ourselves. Please tell me the best possible version of yourself. It sounds good but…
  3. “The most important trick to being happy is to realize happiness is a skill you develop and a choice you make. You choose to be happy, and then you work at it. It’s just like building muscles. It’s just like losing weight. It’s just like succeeding at your job. It’s just like learning calculus.”
    My response: So that’s the secret. We simply have to chose to be happy. I had no idea it was so simple. So I can ignore the issues around my career, some problems with the kids, my earnings versus my dreams, the current epidemic and, well, I could list more. I only have to choose to be happy. It’s just like losing weight. By the way, how’s that going?
  4. True happiness comes from an internal state of mind, anchored in the contentment only attained by living life your best life. The brain is a pleasure-seeking machine. Once you teach it happiness habits, over time, it will want more and more happiness.
    My response: Now the fourth piece of advice tells me that I just have to live my best life. Which window do I go to for that answer? How many people do you know who you think could answer this question with certainty? And how about happiness habits. I suspect that might be a little tougher than the writer is letting on. Don’t you?

Core Values




Entrepreneur, Mentor, Philanthropist, Author — published new book on core values: A FOOL’S ERRAND - Why Your Goals Are Falling Short and What You Can About It

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Roy Cook

Roy Cook

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Philanthropist, Author — published new book on core values: A FOOL’S ERRAND - Why Your Goals Are Falling Short and What You Can About It

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