Niklas, I don’t remember whether or not I responded when this was published. If I didn’t, I should have.

This is excellent. There are so many tips here. Like you, without the self-exploration, I would not have found this as well as number of other important things.

It all happened in 1993 when a company in which I was a partner, asked me to do something unethical. I couldn’t sleep and had anxiety attacks. That forced me into a deep analysis of the situation.

Based on my 11 core values, which I had just completed discovering, I quit this well-paying job that allowed luxury travel, drivers, etc. and became an entrepreneur. I wanted to make my own mistakes henceforth!

Well, this caused me to read and study more, looking for ways to improve myself, grow and succeed.

I really never knew the power of habits and, instead, focused on self-discipline. it has taken me a long time to see that habits and more powerful that discipline. Established habits take little effort, can be stacked as you indicated. Self-discipline takes a great deal of effort and must be replenished every time it’s used.

I learned from Stephen Covey and Hyrum Smith (his partner) that each of us have 10–20 unique inherent core values that make us unique. Further and this is critical, they indicated that the persons who lives their life and make daily decisions based on these core values will live a fulfilled life with peace of mind.

I have done daily this for 26 years and found their promise to be true. Why bring this up? Well, a very simple habit is required. Every day, before I do anything, read anything, plane anything, etc., I ask whether or not this action is in concert with my core values. if it isn’t, I don’t do it. That eliminates over 90% of the tasks, reading, blogs, books, etc. that I used to ponder about. Steve Jobs was correct; learn to say “no”.

In fact I have 11 folders in my task manager (Things) and file manager (Evernote), each one named for one of my 11 core values. When I consider action, task or goal, the little habit is: will this fit in any of 11 files? If not, I drop it. So simple yet so powerful.

Thank you for writing this, causing me to reflect on the power of simple tasks. Oh, by the way, this one habit helped me grow my company to 8-figure sales in 5 years without a bank loan and retire in another six years.

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Philanthropist, Author — published new book on core values: A FOOL’S ERRAND - Why Your Goals Are Falling Short and What You Can About It

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