Compliment Everybody You Meet

Don’t Forget Your Friends And Family

I associate with no toxic people. None. If I accidentally started a relationship that became toxic, I stopped it immediately.

I developed a habit which was a real good one: I always complimented people. In fact, whenever I met a new person, I complemented him if there was something obvious that I noticed about him which was unusual, laudatory, charming, etc.

The same goes for people you know: family, friends, merchants, neighbors, etc. Whenever I met one, I’d ask myself: what is postive about this person? What skill or ability do they have? What is good or charming about her personality? You get the picture. Then I’d tell them: “I love the way you think”, “you alway look like you’re in perfect health; how do you do it?”, “you always go on such interesting trips; how do you pick the places?”, “you have a very creative mind”, “you’re always fun to be around”, “ I understand that you just finished writing a book”, “congrats on new job; tell me about it”.

There’s always something worthy of praise or comment. Don’t you love it when someone takes notice of you?

I’m not talking about making something up or forcing the issue. That’s phony and should NEVER be done.

I went so far once when speaking to a group of thirty men and women that I headed, I told them how important this was and then said “if I don’t hear something positive from a friend or associate within one year, I get myself another friend or associate!”

And then I was quiet and just looked over the group. Maybe no one ever told them that. Maybe they didn’t like it. I think the point was made regardless.

It cost you and me nothing to do this. To be sociable, positive and complementary.

Now we’re not talking about flattery. That’s false praise and has no place in your life. So the praise MUST be sincere. In other words it should come from the heart.

Does this work? Yes, it works. How could it not work? Do you know anyone who doesn’t like to be praised sincerely? How do you feel about being complimented? Do you think people get too much of this? Are you praised too much?

And, by the way, how do you get praise? Why by giving praise, of course. Get no praise at home. Then give praise at home. Not once. Continually. If you always get nothing in return, then it’s time for a chat.

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